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Monday, July 6, 2009

Broken but not defeated

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 66

When we were transplanting our broccoli seedlings, one of the seedlings' stem broke in the process. We decided to plant it in the garden anyway to see what would happen with it.

Sure enough, day by day, the cells regenerated themselves and the broccoli is growing quite strong with its leaves getting bigger each day. As long as the seedling remained in the soil it stood a chance for renewal and was able to heal itself.

If you remain connected to the Source of your life's sustenance, even though you have been completely broken, you have hope. You may be broken but not defeated. You can be regenerated again in the restoration process as long as the roots of your heart are planted in the soil of the Spirit's love.

The soil of Love has all the requirements necessary to put your broken pieces back together again and heal you. Whether your life is a mess, your heart's been broken and your situation seems hopeless, turn inward to the silence of the Spirit's soil and draw life and wholeness from the Spirit's nutrients to enrich the cells of your inner spirit.

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