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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is it grass or is it corn?

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 68

Our corn is really thriving, some at about 2 feet high, and the last few days of rain did them some good.

One thing we have noticed is grass growing in between the corn. At times we really had to look closely and examine the leaves to make sure it was grass we were weeding and not the smaller corn. When the grass is among the other vegetables, like the beans, peas, cucumber etc. it is easily identifiable but it is a bit more difficult among the corn.

With such similarities, it made me ask the question, how do you identify true friends, the right relationship, the right decision, and the right path in your life? With so many things coming at us even in this information age, how does one identify between what is true and the look alike? How do you determine which path brings you the corn harvest you are expecting and not the disappointment in finding weeds?

There are few things that will help you decide when making any decision.

1) Examine the corn leaves.

Stop and take the time to examine every situation. We have seen corn leaves before, does this look like corn leaves? You may have been in a similar situation before or know someone who has had to deal with this situation, how does this one match up to what you know? Start with what you already know.

2) Go with your inner feelings.

Even though it looked like corn, there was that inner feeling that said no, it is not corn. And sure enough when we uprooted it, yep, it was grass.

3) Ask for help.

If unsure ask for help. If you consult first with God for direction, the right person or right book will come to you with the answer you need.

4) Give it time.

Instead of rushing in headlong, give a situation time to unfold its true identity. Wait for the signs that will show you the truth. There were some seedlings in the garden that sprung up among what was sown. We were not sure if it was weed or vegetable. We waited and sure enough, over time and as the plant grew, we were able to identify it as a weed and then uproot it. God always reveals the way if we wait for the signal of the Spirit.

Have decisions you need to make? Use these steps to identify between your corn and grass.


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