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Monday, July 20, 2009

Be open - try something new

Getting my body back - Day 92

Our Swiss chard is coming along really well. We've even made fresh salad out of the young leaves and added some lettuce with green onions, parsley, summer savory and carrot tops - quite refreshing, at least for some of us. Because Swiss chard is very new on our menu, it'll take some time for a couple of our younger ones to acquire the taste.

As with anything new, if it doesn't fit with what we're accustomed to we find it difficult at times to make the adjustments and open up to something new.

If you're faced with a new occurrence in your life or a shift in your routine way of living, ask yourself, "How is this or how could this be beneficial for me?" Because we know the nutritional value and health benefits of eating Swiss chard we were open to try something new and we're glad we did.

Even though we've had some of the younger leaves, we're looking forward to trying them at different stages - when they're medium sized and then when they're fully matured. By trying them at these different stages in their raw form, we not only get the nutrition but we get to experience the changes in taste, if any, and determine if we rather eat them young or fully matured or no preference at all.

When you open yourself to something new you can experience positive long-lasting life-changing results. The lessons learned may be invaluable and memories priceless.

Fuelling words: I am open to new positive experiences that brings me closer to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Workout: incorporating exercise in daily routine.
Try a great arm exercise - baking oatmeal cookies or cake from scratch for the kids, the traditional way - wooden spoon, no electric mixer. Tone those upper arm muscles.

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