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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let go, let God - Part 2

Getting my body back - Day 88

Creativity behind the scenes

No matter what project you are working on or what goal you are trying to achieve, when you have done all that you can do, let go and let God. When you are waiting for an answer to a solution, or you desire to find your life partner, let go and let God. Do what you can do within your power to do it, and then let go and let God.

By your letting go and allowing God to do his part, you are allowing the universe to work everything out on your behalf. Unknown and unforeseen circumstances are being shifted and moved to provide the most favourable condition for the manifestation of your desire. God is aligning everyone involved to bring you the desired results. People and appointments are being set up to meet your need.

Changes in legislation, regulations and procedures on all plains that involve you are being made as you let go and let God. If, like me, your life partner has to come from one city to come across several cities to find you, let go and let God do what he is doing to bring you the happiness you are looking for.

You may not know why you encountered traffic this morning on your way to work or an important business appointment, but let go and let God, because you may have just missed a fatal accident. When things are not going the way you initially intended it go, let go, let God.

If you have an idea for a custom designed dress or suit, you would either sketch the design or carry a picture of your design to the designer. The outcome of your project is totally left in the hands of the proficient designer to complete the outfit in the most efficient way possible.

Allow the creativity of the Great Designer behind the scene to design your desire into manifestation.

Fuelling words: I set my goal to achieve my ideal weight. I do what I can do within my power to do it. I let go and let God design the results behind the scenes to helping me manifest my desire.

Workout: gardening, incorporating exercises in my daily routines.

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