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Friday, July 3, 2009

Living your fullest potential

Getting my body back - Day 82

When you live to your fullest potential, you give opportunity to others to live to their fullest potential, as well. The opposite is also true; when you deny your purpose and settle to live the way others say that you should, you deny others their expression of their fullest capabilities and the attainment of their highest potential.

Humanity was designed to live as a whole; in oneness with God and with each other. However, when we see ourselves as separate and independent of each other and neglect to consider the effects of our actions, we all feel the effects of it whether we are conscious of it or not.

Your body, even though it has separate parts, functions together independently yet as a whole; the legs for walking acts independently from the hands but yet still working together to take the hands and the rest of the body where ever it needs to go.

If your right foot is deficient in any way and is not fulfilling its full capabilities it affects the rest of the body. You may find ways to compensate for this deficiency by improvising as much as possible, i.e. use a crotch. But even though this crotch assists you in walking, it does not perform in the same capacity as your right foot.

In the same way, when you do not live your life in a way that's fulfilling your purpose you were sent to earth to fill, this deficiency of full expression of your talent affects the rest of the body of humanity.

Others may not see the importance of what you have to contribute at the time but it is not for them to decide, they were not given your mission. Your purpose and mission are written deep in your heart and only you can feel the feelings of that which you enjoy doing and long to accomplish.

Fuelling words: I live each day fulfilling my purpose using my body as full expression of my divine mission.

Incorporating exercise in my daily routine

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