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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Desire vs. purpose

Getting my body back - Day 94

Establishing a purpose for what you do gives you the strength to keep going during the developmental growth process. Purpose makes you feel passionate about what you do - that which you enjoy and look forward to doing.

Purpose is the driving force behind desire and is the flame which keeps desire alive. It is the reason why you desire what you desire and that which causes you to persevere until the manifestation of the desire.

Purpose comes in various forms, whether it's your life purpose, a decision purpose or motivation for achieving a particular goal - your purpose behind your desire will be the final decision for its attainment.

Let's look at some examples:

We desired to grow a garden. Well, that's great, but what's the purpose behind it? Just for fun? I don't think so. It is fun, yes. But our main reason is to not only eat healthy but to save money on fruits and vegetables. Seeing that we're a large family we go through these really fast.

Our purpose/reason for having this garden is our motivation for picking out those tiny weeds, feeling aches and pains in our backs and in muscles we forgot we had and many days enduring mosquito bites. It is true that we have gained tremendously from this experience. The lessons, both naturally and spiritually are invaluable and the physical exercise, amazing. And now that we're beginning to eat some of the vegetables from the garden, it was all worth it.

I desire to get to my ideal weight of 120 lbs. But my purpose is the only thing that keeps me going, which is to fit into a size 7/8 again, feel a whole lot lighter and more energized. Oh, the joy. I could see it now.

I desire to write inspirational articles and books. But my purpose for doing so is an avenue to inspire others to change from the inside out. To share with others the tools which they can use to truly change their lives and know that they can attain that which they set out to - they can have whatever they desire and even better if they connect to the Spirit which changes them inside out.

What is your desire? What is your purpose? State your desire, but use your purpose with Spirit to propel that desire into manifestation.

Fuelling words: I desire what I desire, but I live on purpose to manifest my desires.

Workout: Walking, gardening

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