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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 tips to keep the motivational flames going

Getting my body back - Day 93

When you're working on a long-term project you need to find ways to motivate yourself in the face of adversities and setbacks.

How do you keep the motivational flames going?

1) Belief

Belief in the value of what you're doing will keep you plodding along to the finished line despite opposition. A strong belief that will produce change or attainment of specific results will rejuvenate your enthusiasm for achieving that goal.

2) Enjoy what you do

When you enjoy what you're doing you have the extra energy to keep you moving along. If you're doing a task with dread, the life of your motivation will be sucked right out of it leaving you feeling resentful and eventually you'll give up. It is better to find something that you enjoy doing from your heart or find the joy in doing it than to go through the motion.

3) What you do affects others

Your motivation and your enthusiasm influences others to be motivated and enthusiastic, as well. Your success and victories encourage others to stay positive in knowing that they too can achieve success in what they're doing.

4) Be open to new ideas

Be open to finding easier and shorter ways of doing what you do with the most productive and effective outcome possible. There's always more than one way to complete a task. If you can't find another way, change your perspective, regroup and come back with a fresh approach. Sometimes taking a break from what you're doing puts you in a better position to finish the task.

5) Encouragement from others

Positive feedback from others lights the spark of motivation in you. Appreciate them when they come and use them for future references if you ever begin to feel discouraged.

Fuelling words: I find fresh ways to enjoy working on achieving my goal knowing that when I do achieve them the joy of satisfaction and accomplishment is mine.

Workout: Walking, playing with the children

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