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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Measuring results and getting drastic

Getting my body back - Day 100

When President Obama reached his first 100 days in office his progress as president was evaluated at the 100 day mark.

It's now my turn. At the 100 day mark on my journey to reaching my ideal weight goal, I'm assessing my progress on a scale of 1 to 10. I give myself a 5. Many great lessons were learned over the period, but it's time I take this up a notch.

In the eating department, I'm measuring my results and getting drastic here - increasing my salads (low carb foods) and cutting back on portions of other foods, like rice and pasta. On the exercises, I'm also measuring my results and getting drastic here, as well.

So, in addition to my gardening and around the house duties, I've included brisk walking - not just a stroll, but an upbeat, getting my heart rate up deep breathing type of walking. I've also included my weight lifting after my brisk walk for toning and strength.

Even though I've shed a few noticeable pounds, it's time for some intensity and I'm seeing more results even now - that's 4 days now since I've started my intensity program. When you're at the point that you're not satisfied with what you're getting, the next step is to measure your results and get drastic. There's a determination that wells up inside of you when you've had enough.

When you've set out to achieve your goals, measuring results is essential, but setting parameters for achieving this goal aids the progress along.

Fuelling words: I know where I am and where I'm going. I evaluate my strategy to establish a better aim at my target.

Workout: gardening, incorporating exercise in my daily routine, walking, weight lifting.

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