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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 2

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 76

The laden apple tree branch succumbed to the heat of the sun because it was broken off from the nutrients from the main tree that sustained it from the harshness of the elements. Plants need sunlight to grow and flourish but exposure to sunlight without being connected to the roots and moist soil is detrimental to it. The same element that the plant uses its energy for its growth can also destroy it when it's not connected to the natural sources - its roots and soil.

The same is true when we are disconnected from Spirit. The elements and things that are given us as a blessing to enhance our growth can become destructive because we are not governed by the Spirit. To be totally absorbed with the gifts and neglect the giver of the gifts lead one into further darkness and a life of destructive behaviour.

The balance comes about when you are connected to Spirit. Your motivations for using these gifts comes out of Spirit purposes and therefore is beneficial, not only for you the user, but for those to whom the fruit of the gifts blesses.

When one is connected to Spirit, there is a clear direction and purpose of life - to come to full maturity and naturally bear good fruit which will feed others. When one is disconnected to Spirit, life is lived haphazardly and at times destructively.

Remain connected to Spirit that you may reach your fullest potential and use your inner gifting to full capacity and bear fruit in the right season.

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