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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let go, let God - Part 3

Getting my body back - Day 89

Have you ever noticed that the more tense you become in your resistance to pain the more the intensity of the same pain you're trying to avoid? If you're one of many people who dislike being injected with a needle you'd know that the only way to get through the procedure without becoming hysterical is by taking a deep breath, relax into the moment and just allow the nurse or doctor to do their thing and get it over with.

I usually take a deep breath and look away, relaxing my body as much as I can. The pinch of the needle seems to be less painful and the blood flows easily as opposed to me stiffening up when the needle goes in, which could make a really quick procedure very complicated and unnecessarily painful.

Regardless of what situation you face, let relaxing be a part of your routine, no matter what. A stressful situation could be inflated or deflated by your reaction to it because of the energy you bring into it. If you see a stressful situation building or you are in a stressful situation, breathe and relax and go with the flow of peace. Let go and let God's peace fill you bringing the energy of peace to recharge a negative encounter into a positive one.

When I worked as a claims assistant/adjuster years ago, clients would call into the office or come into the office expecting to receive their benefit cheques. Sometimes those cheques did not yet arrive in the mail which irritated some of the clients. If I had acted in response to the clients' behaviour the situation would have been quite explosive.

But relaxing into the moment and seeing from the person's viewpoint enabled me to be empathetic to their needs and give a response which indicated that I cared about them and what they were going through. By relaxing into the moment and allowing the peace of the inner spirit to guide me changed the overcharged energy of the clients.

Plan in advance that whatever encounter you face, you will relax into the moment, let go, let God and respond from inner peace that your peaceful energy will overcome any negative energy.

Fuelling words: I achieve peace in my desire to achieve my ideal weight as I relax into the moment and let go and let God.

Workout - gardening, incorporating exercises into my daily routine.

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