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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 4

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 78

We noticed that some of the other branches which also had young apples were supported by other stronger branches so there was a better distribution of the weight. These stronger branches were more mature and had gone through their fruit bearing and hardening stages perhaps several times.

No man is an island and we need each other at different stages of our growth process to fulfill our destiny. When we use the strength and support of others who have gone through the maturing process we are better able to handle the fruiting stage of our success. Going it alone, like our broken branch, could prove detrimental to all that you've worked so hard to produce.

The broken branch was obviously a newer side growth off the main tree. It was very straight, unlike some of the other branches, which were bent over and hardened that way. On observing these branches, they were bent when they were younger and more flexible and therefore hardened with that position of flexibility.

The broken branch, which was straight and upright, did not go through this bending stage and did not experience the flexibility which proves useful once it hardened. At this stage of the growth, trying to bend a hardened branch is next to impossible so instead of bowing with the weight of the fruit, it broke.

A vital lesson to learn here; if in the beginning stages of our growth process we do not learn the art of bowing in humility, when success arrives we will break under its weight because we have not learned to be gracious and graceful in our hearts. We have not expanded in our thinking and in our capacity to embrace all that success has to offer.

Success is great and should be a goal to attain, but success without inner personal growth can be destructive.

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