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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Face to face with Love

Getting my body back - Day 84

Do you recall a time when you were first in love how energized you felt? You probably were so excited, your heart fluttered, you were on cloud 9, your face beamed with joy. Then the 'honeymoon' was over and you came back down to earth facing the realities of the relationship challenges where this love either continued to grow or the two separated.

There is a place where you come face to face with true Love where Love is unconditional; not the fluff that society throws around as a pass off for love - love today, gone tomorrow. No, this Love is eternal and true. When you come face to face with this Love, it goes to the very core of your soul, beams and glows, moves across and within your inner being.

This Love brings with it life, energizing you from within outward and causes the entire you to beam. It brings its own melody to your soul, comforts and holds you from within. Satisfies your every longing to depths where mortal hands cannot reach.

This Love is found in the silence of the soul. As you sit, looking inward to the Spirit of Love, you open your heart to experience love in its purest form; no judgment, no conditions, no stipulations and constantly flowing, just pure Love and acceptance. No need to stand on your head, do cartwheels or bend over backwards. This Love is ever ready to embrace you and draw you into its warmth.

The question is, "Are you ready to come face to face with unconditional Love and experience Love in its highest form?"

Fuelling words: I allow Love to flow in my inner being and light my soul aflame, bringing joy in all I do.

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