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Friday, July 3, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 5

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 65

Since we've last weeded the flower garden the poppy flowers have begun to blossom; some yellow and one orange, so far. The four o'clocks have not yet blossomed but they're looking very strong.

We've taken the time to give this garden the attention it needed and now we're enjoying the rewards of our labour.

As you activate the law of giving and receiving in your life, you open the door to much joy. It may not always come back to you in the way you gave it but it does come back and many times it comes in the form of that which you most desire.

When you cease to give, you block the flow of God's universal blessings from flowing to you and through you to others and then back to you. You interrupt the natural law when you hold on tightly and don't release what's in your hands; whether it's money, food, clothes, love, joy, peace or talent.

Releasing what's in your hands frees your hands to receive what God desires to give to you. Give to others knowing that you will receive; knowing that all your needs have already been met and will manifest itself naturally and effortlessly.

Let your life be a conduit through which the abundant life of God constantly flows in, through and out of you.

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