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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eat until you're satisfied

Getting my body back - Day 98

Eating less to get to your target weight does not necessarily mean that this leads to a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, starving yourself and extreme denial only aggravates the hunger pangs and sets you up for frustration and more eating of the wrong stuff. Eating is essential but not to the point of being stuffed. Eat until you're satisfied but not over full. Then drink some water, which is good for your body anyway, but will also fill you up to discourage additional eating.

Making better food choices, such as choosing lower calorie foods, allows you to eat more and more often. For example, you could be eating 3 to 4 regular meals full with low calorie carbs - a lot of vegetables (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers etc.) with some lean meat or tuna mixed with corn and peas. In between meals you have a fruit and don't forget your water. When you're satisfied, you're not craving. You could add as many different vegetables, mix and match.

I eat about 3 to 4 regular meals per day, depending on what I had and in between I'd have a fruit. Before I begin my workout in the morning, I have an apple, which gives me the extra energy, then I'd do my routine - whether walking, aerobics etc. and then I'd have my breakfast. In between breakfast and lunch, I'd have another fruit, depending on how hungry I was, if not I'd wait for lunch and just eat then. So I'm gauging my progress during the day and drinking water in between.

The key is not waiting until you're famished to eat, which is something I'm working on, because when you're famished you know what happens - it's more difficult to stop yourself when you're on an eating roll.

Fuelling words: I set regular times to monitor my eating habits so I remain in control of my meal portions.

Workout: walking, weight lifting

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