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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mother nature's lessons - Part 1

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 80

Today, we were listening to a very interesting video on Youtube from Madea as she imparts wisdom to a young man.

Here is the link to listen.

Madea goes to jail words of wisdom

A tree has several parts and each part plays a different role. If we use our observations, it's amazing the lessons we learn about life from Mother Nature.


Mother Nature is always changing seasons and some plants and trees are seasonal. Like our four o'clocks, poppies and roses that are blooming beautifully, we know that it's only for a time and we enjoy them for the time that we have them. We know that the season will be ended but we also know that spring will come again and we sow some more seeds and begin the process all over again.

The same is true for our vegetable garden. We enjoy working the garden because we know that we are going to get a good crop from it. When harvest time has come and ended, we are prepared and are expecting that and we look forward to next year when we could begin the process all over again.

Our flowers, vegetables and fruits have served their purpose. We didn't waste our time finding faults with them or judging them. We simply took care of them the best we could. If they didn't do as well, we found ways to help them be the best that they could be and live to their fullest potential - bear fruit, go to full bloom. Every stage of this temporary process we served them and they served us.

People come into our lives, whether for one second, ten minutes, one month, three years, but for a season. When we meet them, the question should be, how can I serve them? For in serving them, we serve ourselves. Some may be 'droopy looking', like some of our plants because they're lacking the Water of Life in them. Some may have dried leaves, because they need to experience some tender loving kindness.

Whatever the case, let's see others through the eyes of these plants and care for them for the short season they come into our lives. They've come to receive something from us or give us something that is necessary in our personal development - something we need to learn, an area we need to improve in.

When their purpose is fulfilled and the season is over, we part and go our separates ways, sometimes never to be seen again.

Let us treat our teachers with respect and others that have come to learn from us, let us nurture them with love.

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