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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 4

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 64

As we were walking across our lawn, we observed that one of the apple trees were springing new shoots at the bottom. In continuing with our observation, we noticed a weed growing out of a hole on the apple tree trunk. We found it very fascinating and decided to leave it to see what would occur in the coming days.

Sometimes, in the process of eliminating events in our lives, stopping to observe before taking action may be a necessary step. Certain aspects of your life may not run according to norm or you might find them to be fascinating. Stop and observe, give it time to evolve. If it's not causing you harm or discomfort, take note of what's occurring. What you may have considered a 'weed' may very well turn out to be the start of something unusually new for you and may take you in a direction you never have considered or thought possible.

Carefully weed your garden but keep a keen eye out and don't be overly hasty when something unusual pops up. Consider looking within and asking the Spirit if this is a good thing that's beginning to emerge or not. Wait for the answer. If within you, you feel you should wait, then go ahead and wait. Whatever the inner peace, follow it. Be open and be guided by the inner Spirit.

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