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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Opinions based on another's experience

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Don't form your opinions based solely on another person's experience. Find the truth then make a decision. There's a danger in forming an opinion of someone or something based on another person's opinion of it without finding out for yourself.

We learned this vital lesson when someone advised us that we should not eat out at a particular establishment. At first we took their word for it, but then we got thinking, may we should try it for ourselves, it probably won't be as bad as this person said it would be. Who knows, maybe they had a bad experience or didn't particularly like the people there. Sometimes biases are formed based on our own personal prejudices.

We decided to order out and found that the food actually tasted good.

It is never fair to make a judgment on another especially when we don't know anything about them. And forming an opinion about something you've never personally tried puts you in the place of judgment without the facts. And the facts that you think you may have may only be partial and not the complete story.

Many people have been labelled by others based on their perspective and perceptions of that person. However, perspectives and perceptions may be blurred by ones personal past experiences, prejudices and motivations. Be careful not to jump on other people's band wagon as you may find yourself rolling with the wrong crowd and end up on the wrong side of the fence.

Even if at times a person may be acting out of sorts at that moment, be careful of forming an inaccurate assumption of that person's lifestyle. You've never lived in their shoes, gone through what they have or know their heart.

Opinions of others may have been based solely on the colour of their skin or their status in life and has nothing to do with who the person is. If the observer took the time to get to know the individual they may not feel that way about them after all.

You may have gone through similar situations; I know I have, where you've been called names that really hurt deeply. You know that if that person only knew you and did not judge you at that time that they would have found out the truth about who you are.

I've pondered many times on the scripture 'judge not and you will not be judged for in the same measure you judge in that same measure you will be judged also'. While we may be forming an opinion about someone's entire life based on their current action, someone may be doing just about the same thing about us in the same measure.

I find that when I 'put myself in that person's shoes' for that moment, it helps me to see myself more clearly and therefore be more compassionate towards them.

Fuelling words: I listen to and consider the opinions of others but in the final analysis I make a decision based on my inner prompting of the Spirit.

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