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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nature's lessons from the broken branch - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 77

Keep your fruit alive by staying connected to the Main Tree.

The young apples on the branch began to shrivel because of the disconnection of the branch. When disconnection occurs, everything goes.

If a person has lived a life connected to Spirit and suddenly in the prime of their life, when everything is going well, they're at the height of their career when tragedy strikes, they have two choices. Either they continue to remain connected to the Spirit or turn away in anger and disconnect themselves. The result of disconnection is tragic, not only for the individual but for those who look to them for support or look up to them as a leader.

Disconnecting from our Source is never an option under any circumstances regardless of what the conditions or how tragic an event may have been. It is through our pain that we need to stay even closer to the Source and allow the healing 'nutrients' of love to flow through every fibre of our being.

It is in the isolated and lonely place that your connection to Source is of vital importance than at any other time. It is in these delicate moments that you draw from Spirit's strength to be uplifted up against the sting of pain that you are not destroyed by the offense or the adversity.

Turning away from your Source is never an option. For in so choosing you turn to where there is no life and darkness then overshadows your being. Instead of suppleness and tenderness of soul, one becomes cold and callous under the elements of loss.

Though you may have been injured, though you may have been broken, turn to your Source and draw upon the Living Healing Water of your soul and be restored to health. For as long as you remain in Spirit you will rise up again and your fruit will remain.


  1. This hit home for me. I enjoyed it and it was very helpful to me.

  2. Thanks, Evelyn. I pray that your life fruit will blossom and flourish and that your fruit will remain.

    God bless you.


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