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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weeding your life's garden - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 63

While weeding our flower garden, we noticed a large root from the rosehip. As we pulled on it, the roots of the four o'clocks began to come up, as well. So the task of chopping up the root, section at a time, was our only alternative to avoid uprooting the four o'clocks. We got out the parts of the root that was just underneath the four o'clocks. The remaining root would have to stay until next spring when we begin to prepare the garden again.

Extra caution must be taken when you attempt to eliminate deep-rooted issues in your life. If not, you'll find yourself destroying that which you were trying to protect in the first place. If you have some weeds in your life's garden that are threatening other areas of your life, eliminate them but watch out for those deep roots, those things that have been dormant for a long time but ever so often begin to surface through your life's soil. As you try to move on, building new dreams, they surface and overrun your life.

If you are unable to completely eradicate these roots, cut what you can and wait for the right timing or the right season. If you look to the Spirit for guidance, you'll be shown the way and the right time in dealing with deep-rooted issues that will result in the best outcome possible and avoid total devastation.

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