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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 ways to recognize a life time friend or partner?

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Life time friends and partners are like evergreens. No matter what the season they stick with you no matter what.

When we meet people, sometimes we are not consciously aware of the purpose of this meeting. Then we try to figure it out based on what we feel at the moment.

Sometimes we meet a lifetime friend or a life partner and may not recognize that this person is the answer to our prayer because he or she didn't come in the package that we mentally carved out how they should arrive or how they should be. We miss it because we weren't in a state of readiness. So you may have met the answer to your prayer but let it go due to other people's opinion of it or because of someone's preference.

Nobody knows what's going on deep inside your heart. Yeah, you may say certain things with your mouth but you may be afraid to say what's truly in your heart for fear of being ridiculed or looking foolish in the eyes of your friends and family. You may not have shared your deepest longing with them, so how could they know what you desire. Even if you have shared it with them, they may have tried to talk you out of it because they don't think that's the direction you should be going. They don't have your feelings.

Listen to advice. But at the end of the day, let your inner spirit guide you. For what some folks call wisdom, at times, is founded on what's superficial and not out of love.

4 ways to recognize a life time friend or partner?

1) Be consciously aware.

When you meet people, be consciously connected with your inner spirit, your inner knowing. Ask within what is this person's purpose here.

2) Pay attention to the subtle signs.

People you meet may remind you of other people you have had dealings with in the past, either their behaviour or they may look like that person. This may be a red flag telling you that this person is exactly like that other person. I have experienced this several times with several different people. I would look at them and the first inner thought that came to me, if I had paid attention to it, would have saved me a lot of headaches.

The flip side to this is that when I met my life partner, everywhere we went on our first date, a wedding was in progress.

3) Listen to your inner feelings.

Your feelings can be a good indicator. I knew someone years ago when I stood in her presence talking to her I would feel a knot in my chest every time. The first time I felt it, I was amazed that even though she was talking with me I knew that her heart was not with me. Check your inner feelings. You immediately connect with your life partner or life friend. You feel comfortable in their presence and know that you have something deeper in common.

4) Time

Time will always tell and reveal the truth. As time goes by, you get to know the person and by observation their true colours are revealed. A life partner or life friend stays with you through the ups and downs.

Listen to your inner spirit. Your heart will let you know.

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