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Monday, July 13, 2009

Invitation to go towards the light

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 70

As we turned over the soil in parts of the garden, we noticed some seeds which never germinated in the darkness of the soil and some that began the germination process but never penetrated the soil's surface. We left them in the soil to become compost for the surviving plants which will continue to grow to bear fruit and fulfill their purpose.

There are 4 different types of people in the darkness:

1) The ones who stay in the darkness because they've become comfortable there and they're so absorbed in their lives that even if light comes they don't notice it.

2) The ones who stay in the darkness because they've become comfortable there, see the light, but choose to ignore it and remain in the darkness.

3) The ones who see the light and begin to go towards it but are convinced by the ones who chose to remain that the light is scary or should not be trusted.

4) The ones who see the light, ignore the skeptics and the critics in the darkness, follow the light and find the path out into pure light gaining more and more light as they go closer to the light source.

Like our plants that will reach their full maturity at the fruit bearing stage, so will the people who turn towards the light and allow the natural growth process to unfold, bringing them to full maturity to bear fruit thereby fulfilling their life's purpose.

Of the four types, which one are you? I invite you to go towards the light of the Spirit and keep reaching for the light that you may 'bear fruit' and complete your purpose on earth.

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