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Friday, July 17, 2009

If it never rains you'll never grow

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 74

Whenever it rains, our plants get a growth spurt and look more alive.

Certain people, events and encounters which irritate us at times are opportunities to polish us, and like sandpaper to wood, smooth out the rough edges of our lives - opportunity to love instead of hate, opportunity to respond with tenderness instead of harshness, opportunity to say a kind word and not curse.

Changing your perspective of each situation to see through the eyes of love will not only help you determine your response but will help you decide your reaction way in advance. Each time you respond in love to an adverse situation, like our plants, you grow that much more. With practice, it becomes a way of life. Plants do not fuss or fight with the rain, but they may gracefully bow their heads as the rain falls down on them and after the rain passes they rise up in strength.

When you encounter seemingly irritating situations, being like the plants and bowing gracefully in your response does not show a sign of weakness, but to the contrary, shows that you understand the growth process.

On the other hand (or according to my daughter - On the other branch) if you observe a mature tree, it no longer bows but gracefully embraces the rain.

Encounters that may irritate you now, when you have come to the understanding that it is part of your growth process and that if it never rains you'll never grow, no longer irritate you. Embrace it as an opportunity to express love and kindness and experience more maturity.

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