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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Are You Cheating the Earth?

Every person that comes to the earth is given particular talents and abilities for that time period and era that he or she enters the earth.

Each individual is equipped with talents and abilities to provide for their sustenance on the earth, and for the benefit of others, as well, leaving a heritage for their children to continue on, and a legacy from which others in society may benefit.

As in a puzzle, we all have different shapes and sizes. Every piece holds a key part. Without each piece, the puzzle is incomplete. The outer pieces form the frame which holds the entire puzzle together, and gives direction for placement of the inner pieces.

The inner pieces are also vital, which gives strength, completeness, fullness and beauty. Together they render a sense of accomplishment.

We need to be in our placement for it to all work together smoothly. When an outer piece or edge piece wants to be on the inside, it throws the entire puzzle off. The same is true for an inner piece wanting to be on the outer edge or border.

Then we have an inner piece being fitted in the wrong spot. It’s forced and is not a natural flow. Some pieces may look similar to others, some may even have the shape of another piece, but when you examine the picture, the picture tells a different story.

So much is the way of folks who have an inner ability but find themselves placed or forced in the wrong spot (job, career) – life is miserable – taking a job even though it’s not what the individual wants or loves. However, when one knows his or her inner passion – talents and abilities, and follows that path – in occupation and purpose – they experience joy, a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and satisfaction. The world around them benefits from this inner gifting.

Talents and abilities are given for that particular era in time due to changes in society, and what is needed and necessary on the earth. Everyone has a part to play in his or her time spent on the earth – whether it’s to the environment, animals, nature, humanity – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional.

When we do not fulfill our part – use our talents and abilities for the benefit of ourselves and others, we are robbing ourselves, our families and our society of those treasures that are in us. As a result, a void is left in our lives, the lives of our families, friends and people that we come in contact with, and therefore, our world – now and in the future.

We all have different purposes. If we only have one type of fruit, we lack the nutrients from other variety of fruits and vegetables, grain products and dairy products. But having a variety of foods provides us with the necessary nutrients needed for our bodies.

We must embrace and appreciate the variety of talents, abilities and personalities in ourselves and others, and take pride in being different.

Are you using your talents to better yourself and society? Do you know what talents you possess? Do you know how to find those secret treasures in you? It’s never too late to start treasure hunting for those ‘diamonds in the rough’, and living life with passion and purpose.

Written by Alicia Isaacs

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