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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Overcoming Fear: Take the Limits Off and Free Yourself

Because of fear, we are limited in our thinking and therefore limited in our experiences. Take the limits off your mind and free yourself. If you ever allow yourself to feel all the desires of your heart without the inhibition of fear or limiting beliefs, you'll find that your imagination can carry you to the far end of the globe and go places beyond your current location. Did you know that whatever you imagine you can experience?

Nothing is too big for you to experience. If you can imagine it, it is already in existence in the unseen world. You cannot imagine what does not already exist. And because of this fact you can have what you desire if you only take the limits off.

Strategy #1

Shift your thinking

The way you think, and therefore your perspective, affects your experiences. When you're afraid, you feel fear because of what you're thinking - the anticipation of what you don't want to happen. You're not experiencing the unwanted experience at that current moment in your reality. Therefore, if you shift your imagination from seeing the negative experience onto the outcome you do desire, you'll begin to immediately feel a shift in your emotions and ultimately your experience changes.

Strategy #2


Use visualization to put you into a positive energy vibration. Whatever you focus on will expand. If you focus on fear, fear will expand. If you focus on the outcome you desire, that will expand as well and move you the desired results.

Strategy #3

Get your emotions involved

It's one thing to shift your thinking and use visualization, but the real energizer comes from adding the emotional connection. Get your emotions involved and really feel what you desire the outcome to be. Look within to your heart and choose to allow yourself to feel the emotions of having the desired outcome materialized. Don't allow limitations to short-circuit your results.

Strategy #4

Believe and act

If you believe and accept that you can have the thing you've imagined then you must act on that belief. You've heard it said, "Act is if." Act as you would if you'd already possess the thing you wish you had. Take the necessary action steps that you would take if you were already experiencing your desire. This will put a knockout punch to your fear and send it packing and at the same time empowering you to free yourself from all that's entangling and holding you back.

You're an unlimited being. Walk in the power and strength of this unbounded way of life. Practice over and over until it becomes a habitual way of living.


  1. Great post, Alicia. Loved it! Sincerely,Susan from

  2. Great article, Alicia. I love that you stress changing your way of thinking is a choice Really good point.


  3. Thanks Liv. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

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