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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Overcoming Fear: 5 Steps to Overcoming Fear

Fear will keep you paralyzed and hold you hostage to your 'comfort zone'. It will not allow you to realize your dream or let you taste freedom. Because of fear, many procrastinate before deciding to take the necessary steps to move forward to achieving their dreams. It may come out in words like, "I'll do it tomorrow, or next week." Then, because it's been pushed back so much, it becomes forgotten.

The following steps will guide you on your journey to overcoming fear:

Step #1 - Decision

Make a bold firm decision that you will have your desire regardless of what you face. When you make a decision you have a focal point to direct your attention.

Step #2 - Have an inner knowing

You have all that you need to get to the next level even if you are not consciously aware of it at the moment. Know that the help you need will come to you. Believe that help is already here even though you may not see it physically. It will manifest itself at the right time.

Step #3 - Remain focused on the final outcome

Fear comes when we focus on all the things that could go wrong. But you gain confidence when you focus on the results you desire. If you decide to drive to the store and begin to think about all the things that could go wrong on the way there, you'll probably never leave your home. But when you focus on getting to the store and know that all will be well, confidence will be your focus and not your fear.

Step #4 - Take a deep breath and relax

Release the tension and allow your faith, your belief that you will have your desire, to arise. Shift your mind from fear of the unknown and look within to the Source of your strength. Release the negative energy by taking a deep breath in and exhale all the tension that keeps you paralyzed from moving forward.

Step #5 - Move forward

We fear the unknown, therefore doing that which you fear will dissolve the unknown and you'll put those fears to rest and build confidence. As you face the fear and do what you decided that you will do, fear will begin to fall away and each step forward will let your confidence rise higher and higher.

What steps do you take to overcome fear?


  1. Hi Alicia....What steps do I take to overcome fear? Well, the word "action" comes to mind. Gather information. Write plans. Talk to people. Do research on whatever project is in your mind and heart. And I'm doing all of those! So thanks for your good post! Sincerely, Susan

  2. That's great Susan. And that's the way to handle it by moving forward and taking action on what you said you're going to do.

    Thanks for posting.



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