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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unconditional Love: Love Conquers All

Every gardener will go to great lengths to care for his or her garden. Even though gardening is hard work, the gardener joyously toils knowing the harvest time will come and then he or she will celebrate.

It's the gardener's pleasure to sit and feast on the fruit of his or her labour, and is proud to show off the garden and its fruit. No matter the thorns, the tilling, the weeding, the gardener keeps keeping on, taking joy in knowing that all the work he or she has put into this garden will soon pay off.

As you express your nurturing love to others, regardless of the obstacles, the struggles, keep keeping on. Know that all your work will not be in vain. One day you will enjoy the fruit of your labour.

If you have children you nurture them will your love, your instructions, daily reminding them and instructing them in the way that is best. Even though at times they may not listen, you keep keeping on; disciplining, loving, guiding. One day you will enjoy the rewards of your love.

What about friends, other relatives, husband, or wife? Let your love outshine every obstacle. Yes, you may disagree, after all you have your own mind, and they have theirs, but let love reconcile you. Let your love be more important than your disagreement. Have your disagreement because it identifies who you are, but let not disagreements separate your love.

Agree to disagree, but agree to agree that love will always conquer all. Once you've settled that in all of your relationships with others, it does not matter what comes your way. Deal with the issue in love as much as is possible but determine to let love be the final outcome. See others through the eyes of love and then your perspective on your disagreement or indifference will change. Let not your mould hill of disagreement turn into a mountain too hard to climb. See love and love will bring down every mountain turning it into rubble.

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