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Monday, March 15, 2010

Adverse Conditions: Look for the Seeds of Good

Every situation, no matter how dismal, has the seed potential for good. Just as every seed has life contained within it and every type of seed produces a different kind of plant or tree, so too, does every situation in your life.

Every struggle you encounter has the spark of good within it and if you search for the good you would ignite the flames of new life. You may have gone through some experiences that made you wonder if you'd ever come out of it. But here you are today. Or you may be going through some things in your life right now and wonder how could this amount to any good.

If you look for the good or even ask, "How could any good come out of this?" or "What's the good in this situation?" You'll be amazed at the answer. Adverse conditions can make you a better person or a stronger one only if you look for the valuable lessons contained within them. Use this new knowledge to enhance your life and the life of others. Then, you would have redeemed each situation and count it as added treasure in the jewelery box of life.

Change the way you see your situation. Pay attention to and focus on the good. You'll gain energy to pull you through and prepare you for future events.


  1. Good post, Alicia. Thanks. Our thoughts do, indeed, dictate our lives. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. You're welcome.



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