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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Quote of the Day - Trust What the Spirit has to Offer

The main ingredient to having what we desire is trust - trust what the Spirit has to offer. After you've decided what you want and done all that you can do, release it, trust the Spirit and allow the Spirit to manifest in the best way possible.

Many times we get in the way of our success. We mess things up and wonder why we're not making progress. That's because we've not remained in our place of the creative process, we're trying to do what is not our part.

So what exactly is our part of the creative process?

1) Ask

Decide what you want and then ask for what you want.

2) Believe

Believe that you can have your desire and then accept it into your heart. When you truly believe, you've accepted that what you desire is already yours.

3) Act

Act on your inspired ideas and do what you can to get you closer to your goal.

4) Release

Release the outcome into Divine Intelligence. Allow God to bring people and situations in alignment at the right time. There are things that you may not be aware of and as you release the outcome over to the senior partner in this creative process, things begin to unfold and fall into place.

Don't get in the way of your success, trust what the Spirit has to offer.


  1. Have done and am doing all of the above, Alicia, and each bears contstant repetition. Thanks so much for the reminder and have a good Sunday! Sincerely, Susan

  2. That's great Susan. Keep doing what you're doing and always have an open heart to receive the answer for the next step. Hope you had a great Sunday as well and have a blessed week.



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