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Monday, March 1, 2010

Decision Making - How to Make your own Decisions in Spite of the Opinions of Others

Do you find yourself always relying on the opinions of others in order to make decisions for yourself? Every one of us was given the ability to make our own decisions in accordance to what resonates within us. No one knows you better than you. And even if you're not so sure of yourself, when you take the time to listen to your inner heart you'll hear what you long for and become acquainted with your own desires.

The following steps show you how to develop that internal connection so you don't have to rely on others to tell you what's right for you.

1) Check with what you're feeling in your heart

People do things because it may be popular even if they don't feel like they should do what the crowd is doing. But because of pressure to conform, they suppress what they feel and follow along with the crowd and lose their own identity. Some never know who they truly are until they decide to take the journey of self discovery and self exploration.

2) Decision

Once you've come to understand what resonates with you and you feel good about it in your heart, make a firm decision to follow through on your decision.

3) Stick with your decision

Be determined to stick with your decision in spite of the pressure from others. If others try to dissuade you say, "Thank you for your concern," and continue on, on your path. They will come along after when they see you've believed in and stuck with your decision.

4) Strengthen your decision as you go along

Continue to strengthen your decision along the way, constantly consulting with your heart and affirming your decision. This will strengthen you through tough times, setbacks and if you begin to doubt your first decision.

5) Keep your decision to yourself

Give no room to others to change your decision if you're not yet strong enough to stand up under their opposing opinions. It is better to quietly go about your affairs and only let the results speak for themselves.

Practicing these five steps will build your confidence in making sound decisions for yourself in spite of others.

What decisions do you need to make that you're relying on the opinions of others to reach the final decision when you should be relying on what resonates with you?


  1. Hi Alicia...Good post, as always. Lots of good thoughts and suggestions. As for the question, the decision I need to make is whether to take a gamble and open my own little used bookstore/household goods shop. I've never been in the business world and I have no idea if customers would even COME to such a place. When I talk about my idea with others, I get mostly discouraging opinions....too risky...people won't buy used books...too high of a rent...need money to start...blah blah blah. So when I hear the negative comments, it scares the bazookers out of me. But I need to find something soon to help pay bills. Sometimes I do rely on the opinions of others too much so thanks for the post. Sincerely, Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. The idea is something that you would have to do adequate of amount of planning to carry out your idea in a manner that's both profitable for you and beneficial for your customers. But it is doable. You might want to start with clearly defining what it is you desire to have in the store and then writing out a plan to achieve that. Also, either online or at the local library you can research how to do a business plan to get you started on and working out a plan. This is just a few steps but will get you in the direction of your goal.


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