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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unconditional Love: Love Promotes Growth

Love promotes growth. Nurturing which comes from the heart of love promotes growth. If you've ever left a garden to itself without care, weeds begin to overtake it, and before long, what was once a beautiful garden or could have been a beautiful garden, has now lost the opportunity to express that beauty. Lack of care gives way to the infestation of weeds and bugs.

Love, God's love which flows through your soul needs to express itself in and through you. It desires the opportunity to nurture you, infilling you and overflowing your being into physical expression. With that physical expression of love into others, they are therefore nurtured. Not only do you experience personal growth and the blossoming of your inner and outer garden, but you allow others to experience the same because of your love.

How do you express this love?

Love requires no instructions of how to love. You just love. You feel love and then express love. If instruction is required, then you need to return to the Source of love, feel and experience this love and you'll be moved from within to outwardly express that love to another.

Therefore, in what form should love be expressed?

In a kind thought, word, deed. Be kind in your thoughts towards others, for if you are unkind in your thoughts, your negative energy is transmitted to them. Without a spoken word, they feel your negativity toward them.

Be kind in your words. The way you speak with others and what you say to others can either uplift them or stomp them down, making them feel smaller than an ant.

Love in your deeds. Whatever you do to or for someone, feel the feelings of love from your heart and the feelings and energy of love will be communicated to their inner being that they are loved and that they are important. In so doing, you empower another to feel good about him or herself and know that they are worth more than they think of themselves.

Make love your quest to receive and experience and then give to others that new life may blossom from you and others with whom you share that love.

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  1. Great post, Alicia. Certainly, love makes our lives worth living! Sincerely, Susan


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