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Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Perseverance Through the Growth Process

The final achievement of your goal reflects the level of growth you’ve attained during the process.

When you first made the decision to go after what you desire, you may not have known how to get there. You finalized in your heart and mind that you would achieve what you set out to do.

The information you gleaned, the hours of research, the frustration that you came through were all a part of the growth process. The roadblocks which made you draw on your creative juices to find another way to arrive at your destiny. The failures that made you stop to think and regroup. The tests that made you re-evaluate the value and worth of your goal. The friends you met along the way to give you support. The information you absorbed from every book you read. Perhaps the countless hours spent dreaming, adjusting, hoping, praying were all part of your growth process.

You learned a lot more about yourself; your strengths, your weaknesses. You built up your muscles and were able to do things you never thought you could, when you first started off. Changes occurring on the inside of you produced the outward results of your final achievement.

Here you are today standing tall because you endured and persevered. Others admire your success and wish they had what you have. But, are they willing to pay the price to learn and grow? The learning process caused you to evolve into the type of person you have now become; a process which took place on the inside, where no one else witnessed but you and then manifested itself outward.

Every mature tree began very much the same way; a seed in the soil invisible to the eyes, but quietly changing and growing until it breaks through the ground’s surface. Much of its growth is taking place on the inside bearing outward witness of the inward changes.

I feel the changes that are occurring in my body, invisible to the outer world. Day after day, I learn and grow within. Listening to my body and becoming more in tuned. As long as I keep changing from the inside it will reflect on the outside.


  1. Oh, I sure hope the change from the inside reflects on the outside. I defnitely believe in planting seeds. And when one plants a seed, the result is never only's a lot more! Thanks for your thought-provoking post today,Alicia. You always have good ones. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks 打扮 for your comment. Could you translate for us in English? Thanks.


  3. I like what you said there Susan. The results is never only one... it's a lot more. So now we can consciously create what we want and focus on planting good seeds so we could have a whole lot more to plant and a bigger harvest.

    Thanks Susan



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