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Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Don't Believe What They Tell You!

Don't believe a word they say about you that does not express the highest truth of who you are. If you find you're not getting the results you want, check what you've chosen to accept as truth. What have your family and friends told you about you? Many of these opinions we take and accept them as our own and as such they become ingrained in our subconscious producing the results that we're having now.

What about the negative things that you've been saying to yourself that you've accepted as truth about you? "I'm ugly, I'm stupid, I'm not smart enough like Jane. I'm fat, life is so hard, it's difficult to get ahead." How many of these have you accepted as your truth and are now being manifested in your life?

How about reversing the effects of these words? Let's try a remix, "I'm beautiful, I'm smart, Jane is smart and that's good for her, but I'm smart as well, I'm 120 lbs (or whatever the # is for you), life is beautiful - all good things come to me easily and effortlessly. It's easy to get ahead because the universe brings to me the mirrored image of what I feel inside. I am blessed. All my needs are met. My body uses food to keep me nourished and healthy.

Now you can create your own truth. And when that negative voice raises its head to say, "Who do you think you are? You know you're still stupid." Just simply respond, "Thanks for sharing but I am wise and I am beautiful," and accept that into your heart as your truth. "I accept this beauty as my truth. I accept this into my heart."

Keep repeating this to yourself. Even if you at first it feels uncomfortable, keep at it. The resistance will soon fall away.

One more thing, make sure you add feelings to this. So get your emotions involved in, feeling the feelings of the acceptance of being wise and beautiful and at your ideal weight.

Choose to believe your truth and don't believe what they tell you other than what is true for you.

What have you chosen to accept as your truth that's not getting you the results you desire to have?


  1. Another good post, Alicia. It's kind of along the 12 Step philosophy of "Act as if." Very good thoughts. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks Susan. You're welcome. Have an awesome day.


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