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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday – How to Awaken the Giant within You

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends. Have a blessed holiday. Be thankful for the giant within.

The giant within waits for your summon for help. It will not awaken unless you allow it. If you choose to hold on the ‘grasshopper mindset’ you will not be able to experience the greatness of your giant. The ‘grasshopper mindset’ and the ‘giant mindset’ cannot both exist in the same space. One will dominate the other. While one is awaken the other sleeps. It’s your choice to turn on the light of the giant within so the darkness of the ‘grasshopper mindset’ will dissipate.

What situation are you dealing with right now?

Zoom in on your current situation. Get a pen and paper and write it down. You are now engaged in the process of dealing with your circumstance head on. You’re not trying to change by situation by ‘cutting down the tree’. You’re going to the root, internally, and uprooting the old ‘grasshopper mindset’ (small thinking) so you can begin to replace it with the new.

Become consciously aware of the giant within you

Begin to see yourself as being greater than your problems. There is a solution.
See yourself as having a clear mind and having the solution to the way out or through this situation.
See yourself as being connected to the Universal ‘Soil’ of the Spirit where all life dwells and through which all wisdom comes to you to sustain your greatness.
See yourself as the great oak tree being sustained by the Universal Soil of the Spirit as the roots of your inner being reach down into the spiritual realm and draws out the nutrients you need to sustain your life in this situation and all other issues you face.

Answer your situation with the voice of the giant within

As you shift your perspective, answer your situation with the words of the voice of the giant within. You can say, “I am greater than this situation. I have a solution. My answer is on the way, I am at peace knowing all is well and all is working out perfectly on my behalf. I am victorious.”

Act with the confidence of the giant within

Follow the inspired idea and move forward in confidence knowing that you are not alone. You have the power of the Universal Source with you and in you. Know that you will succeed and that you have already. Go forward in that confidence

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  1. Great post, as always, Alicia. I shall think of the giant and the grasshopper! Have a great day. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Hope you had a great day as well.


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