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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex - How to Identify the Grasshopper Mindset vs. the Giant Mindset

No one wants to be identified as being small-minded or feeling like a grasshopper when compared to giant-like adversity. But it’s that mindset which keeps us bound to our situation that we need to release ourselves from when we begin to change how we look at our current situation.

Who’s the giant in this situation? That’s the question we need to ask and by asking it we can change the way we think. But first of all in order to change the way we think we need to identify the grasshopper mindset as well as the giant mindset in order make the switch in our own minds.

What’s the grasshopper mindset?

When you face a situation and you become gripped with fear to the point of not being able to see a way out or even have hope that there’s even a way out, you’ve settled for the grasshopper mindset. You’ve settled to be defeated, gave up trying and perhaps ran away in fear.

Let’s see a live example. You may have the dream of being a singer. But when you think about the going up on stage and facing the crowd you succumb to the fear. You begin to think, “How can I go out to that crowd. I’m not good enough.” Even though that may not be the truth, you’ve decided to give up on your dream and allow the giant of fear to cause you to run away.

What’s the giant mindset?

The giant mindset causes you to see a situation that could be overwhelming or impossible and know that there has to be a way out. The giant mindset says, “It can be done. I will find a way no matter how long it takes. I will be victorious in this. I will have it.”

Let’s use the example from above. The giant mindset says, “No matter how much I may be shaking in my boots, I’ll find a way to go onto that stage and give my best performance. I can do this.” Then despite the crowd, the giant mindset takes a few deep breaths, straighten up and walk out in confidence facing the fear and still press forward knowing that all will be well, I am greater than this fear.

Now look at your situation and determine this, “Do you have the grasshopper mindset or the giant mindset? How can you shift to the giant mindset in this situation? How can you look at yourself through a positive perspective? How can you become the giant?

Whatever mindset you choose, know that one will bring victory and the other will keep you bound.

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