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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Foundational Steps You Should Have Before You Create Your Own Vision Board

When you decide to create anything, you need to have a foundation before you begin to put the framework together. The same is true before you get into the craft of creating the vision board; there are a few foundational steps you need to take.

Foundational Step #1 - What do you want to manifest?

You must first have a clear idea of what you want to manifest, what you want to change in your life. Clarity on your desires will give you clarity in choosing the best images for your vision board. Are you focusing on one area like your relationship? Or are you focusing on a few areas like health, career, dream home etc.? This step prepares you when you begin to search for the images to portrait your desire.

Foundational Step #2 - Why type of vision board are you going to create?

Are you going to have a physical vision board or a virtual vision board? A physical vision board can be placed anywhere in your house, office, car (depending on the size) etc. A virtual vision board can be on your screen saver or as a background image on your computer. Either way, you'll need to decide which is convenient for you to easily access on a daily basis.

Foundation Step #3 - From where are you going to get your pictures?

You can get pictures from old magazines, flyers, print off images from the internet or even pictures that you have hidden away somewhere in a shoebox. Get creative and pull out all of your images and get them ready as the amount will help you decide how large your physical vision board will be and how many images you're actually going to paste on. 

Take the time to lay the foundation for creating your own vision board and we'll get into the steps needed to actually begin.


  1. I love creating these, Alicia. It IS amazing when things one pastes on come to fruition. Take care. Susan

  2. So true Susan. Because it is in the intention to attract these things that they actually come to you. And as you're creating the board and having fun doing it you're in a good vibration to attract what you want.


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