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Monday, November 1, 2010

Guilt - 3 Tips on Using Prevention to Overcoming Psychological Effects of Guilt - Tip #1

Guilt can affect us on many different levels and areas of our lives. The behaviour of guilt can mentally inhibit us from being free from past mistakes so we're unable to move forward onto living a fully enriched life and achieve our goals. Using prevention as a tool to psychologically overcome the mental effects of guilt can empower you to take control of your mind and disempower guilty feelings.

Tip #1 - Quickly identify situations that contribute to stress or depression

When you are feeling stressed or depressed you are more vulnerable to negative feelings. These feelings open the door for and attract other negatives into your mind. As you develop the habit of quickly identifying situations that contribute to stress or depression, you could prepare yourself mentally to handle these situations differently so that guilt does not creep in and hold you in its clutches.

For example, if you are feeling stressed or depressed about a current situation, memories of things that you had done or neglected to do that contributed to the situation may come rushing in. As you think about what you've done or not done, you may start feeling guilty over the whole thing putting you further into depression.

Look out tomorrow for Tip #2.

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