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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mindset to Correctly and Effectively Use Visualization

In order to effectively use visualization, you need to have the correct mindset for it to be beneficial for your life. So then, what is the correct mindset you should adopt for effective visualization?

What are you focused on?

Shift your attention to what it is you want. By focusing on the things you desire you're creating the attractant you need to draw these things, circumstances, events and people into your life.

Use your imagination

Let your imagination, the workshop of the mind, create vivid details of the things you wish to experience. Don't allow your mind to focus on what you don't want. You've began the creative process in your mind. Allow the Law of Thinking to attract to you more thoughts and ideas to complete the image of your mental picture as well as direct you in the steps you need to take to materialize your ideas.

But my reality tells a different story

That's true. Your outward condition will still show evidence of what you don't want, for now. It's like uprooting a plant; the plant does not die right away. But soon enough, as it's no longer being vitalized by the soil, will begin to wither away.

So it is with your outer reality. As long as you continue to hold in your mind the mental image of your desire and no longer continue to feed your current condition with your attention, it too will fade away and the new will replace the old. 

KEY: Focus your mind on what you do want. Keep your attention on the things you want to manifest. Expect those things to come to you. Expect what you need to help you manifest your desire to come to you. 

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post as we go into 'Why You Should Use Visualization.'


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