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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overcome Inferiority Complex – 4 Keys to Shift your Perspective from Grasshopper to Giant

A grasshopper’s size is really tiny in comparison to a giant. If you look at yourself with this same perspective in the face of your adversity, you limit and deny yourself of being able to overcome whatever situation you may be going through right now. If you see yourself as being limited and helpless, your belief creates your reality. Yes, you’ll find that you’ll not want to look for a solution because you think that you can’t find a way out of your situation.

Your thinking pattern is keeping you hostage to a life of mediocrity. Now’s the time to rise up into freedom and break free out of your mental bondage.

Understand where change begins

You must first understand where change begins in order to create a different lifestyle. If you’re looking for your situation to change before you do then you’re in for some disappointments. Change begins within you and as you realize this change starts with the way you’re thinking then you’ve found yourself on the right track. Your thoughts are the seeds that create the fruit of your reality.

Understand what your outer reality is

Your outer reality is the manifestation of your thoughts, the fruit of your thought seeds. Once the seeds have been sown, the stage is already set. You can’t have cucumbers from tomato seeds. Therefore, to change the reality you’ve got to go to the root, uproot them and replace them with new thought seeds. Stop trying to cut down the apple tree and expect oranges to grow instead.

Determine who you want to become

When you determine who you want to be, you can make a shift in your perspective. For example, if you see your current situation as being overwhelming, determine who you want to become in this situation. I want to be strong, I want to be bold. Then shift your perspective from being fearful of the situation. The interesting thing about this mindset is that you begin to feel the strength and confidence in your body. Many times we don’t get the results of strength because we buy into the lie of being helpless and weak and therefore we accept that as our reality. From this mindset how can you win?

Reverse the players

Instead of seeing your situation as the giant and you the grasshopper, see yourself as the giant and your situation as the grasshopper. See yourself as ruling over the circumstance and resolving your issue. See yourself as confident and strong and your situation under your control. See yourself as being victorious and that you already have a way out. When you adopt this mindset you are activating creative energies of change within you and out in your reality.

Remember the ball is in your court – this is your life and you must play the game according to your expectations. Refuse to see your situation as the winning team and start seeing yourself victorious every time. Speak to yourself about being strong. Your positive self-talk will embed the new change within you as you nurture this mindset every day.

Here’s your chance to break free from self-sabotaging limited thinking patterns and beliefs and rise up to a new beginning. You don’t have to continue living a dissatisfied life. Here's a simplified step-by-step plan to help you - Overcome Inferiority Complex, 5+ Steps to Overcome Inferiority Complex and Build Self-confidence.


  1. Excellent post, Alicia. I definitely want to be the giant and not the grasshoopper!

    Hope you are well and having a good week. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. I'm doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday.


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