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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Action Thursday - 5 Action Steps To Develop Your Talents To The Fullest Potential

Have you traded in your natural talents to adapt to the 'status quo' of others? Are you a follower trying to fit into the gifts of others and not what you have inside of you? Your natural abilities cause you to flow with ease. You can do this all day and not feel like this is work because even though you are 'working' you are having fun so it doesn't feel like what we term as work. 

Your talent, though it may be unique and different from others, have other people who are interested in what you have to offer. Because in the time slot that you've come to earth you've been given exactly what you need to serve the people of earth. You already have your following BUT, in order to realize your dream you must develop your gift.

How then do you develop your talents to the fullest potential so you can provide for yourself as well as serve others as well? 

Action Step #1 - Identify what you're passionate about

What beneficial activities do you enjoy doing? This is where you need to conduct a self-analysis - know yourself. If you're unsure, ask your family or friends. Identify different trends in your life. What things do you gravitate to? What activities do you lose yourself in that you become so absorbed in it you close out the world around you?

Action Step #2 - Accept your gift as your earthly resource

You are filled with the resources you need for every stage of your life. Accept your gift as part of the rich heritage of your birth right. Every resource you have has a place and value and that value can be enriching to your life - whether it's to bring you joy, motivate you or provide a livelihood all in one. 

Action Step #3 - Practice

You've mastered walking because you had a desire to do so and because of this you practiced each day. It is not in the large steps sporadically that you take that you master your talents, but consistent rehearsal each day. Put aside time each day to develop your talent and before you know it - without doing anything that spectacular - you'll become a master at it.

Action Step #4 - Look for opportunities to use your talent

Never hide your light under a bed. Flowers bloom in the wide open for all around to admire. Bloom where you are. When you first practiced walking did you hide? No. You looked for every opportunity to use your new found talent. As a matter of fact you enjoyed when your parents looked at you as you strutted your stuff. So here you go, look for ways to use your talents and bloom where you are.

Action Step #5 - Take it up to the next level

After you mastered walking, did you stop there? No, you wanted to run and climb and jump and - you get the idea. So now that you've reached one level of success, go for another and another and another after that, take it up to the next level. 

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