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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Real Life Example of Going with the Flow to Manifest Your Desires

In yesterday's post we discussed how we got our desire for apricots satisfied. Today we'll look at another example from something that also happened while we were in the city. 

At another parking lot, while I waited in the car for Dad and a couple of the older girls to return from the store, my 9 year old noticed a vehicle as it passed by. She thought it was a friend of ours who usually comes into town on the weekends but actually lives in the city. My daughter thought that it would be a treat to see him. 

When Dad and the older girls returned, we drove out of the parking lot and while we waited for the traffic lights to turn green, lo and behold who do we see driving by? Yep, our friend. We decided to follow him and sounded the horn as he parked his car and was headed towards his workplace. He was totally surprised to see us - my daughter's desire manifested right in front of our eyes. 

What's the mindset here? 

1. Emotional Charged Desire

She really wanted to see our friend and thought it would be a nice treat. I could hear it in her voice as she expressed her desire - it was one that was emotionally charged. 

Are you emotionally connected to your desire? Do you feel your desire from your heart?

2. Let it go 

The thing is we also joined in with her in agreement saying that it would be nice to see him and that was the end of that. We didn't really discuss it anymore. But what was happening was that the universal energy was set in motion to bring her exactly what she desired. 

With all that energy put out there everything flowed in precise synchronicity to manifest this desire - from the time she made her wish, to the time we left the parking lot to be positioned at the traffic lights to see our friend drive by. That brings us to the next point.

3. Positioning

As we go with the flow, not entangled with negativity, we naturally move into position to receive what we desire, being at the right place at the right time. Everyone involved, everything we need all comes together at once, all starting from a thought. 

Tomorrow, Action Thursday, we'll look at some action steps and something special for you as you become self-empowered to go with the flow to manifest your desires.



  1. Sounds good, Alicia. Thanks for the post. Susan

  2. Hi Alicia...It's Thursday night. Thanks for your e-mail. Also, thanks for all your posts. Susan


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