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Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - I'm Going All Out!

When I initially lost off the excess weight, it wasn't because I was focused on losing weight. I did that and what I got was more frustration than results. My whining and complaining only brought me stress, made me miserable and unmotivated to exercise. It was only after I did these three things that I began to see results.

Checked My Spiritual Connection

Who am I in relation to the Great Universal Spirit? I'm greater than my external appearance. My external appearance does not dictate how I see myself. I'm beautiful, my body is beautiful. At the time I had 7 children and I looked at what my beautiful body had created and I was thankful that my body sustained me all through these years. What could you be thankful for right now on your journey to your ideal weight?

Check My Mental Thought Patterns

I changed my thought patterns toward exercise. I totally despised working out. I got bored and frustrated very easily especially when I didn't get the results I wanted right away. I decided that instead of focusing on weight loss I'd focus on strengthening my body, having fun in what I did. All the while as I released all of that negative from my mind and shifted my thinking the weight started falling off.

Enjoyed My Physical Workout

I did weight training, interval training - interchanging brisk walking with jogging - gardening and simply having fun piggy backing the children and playing with them. When I got bored of my routine, I changed it and did something different which was also quite rewarding. The result! The weight started coming off and my target pants I wanted to fit into did actually fit me and zipped right up. 

In March I gave birth to our 8th child and now I'm going all out once again to drop off the extra baby fat. The good thing as I look at the way my clothes fit, compared to last time, I had not put on as much weight as before. So I'll be using these same 3 steps to get back into all of my pre-pregnant clothes, while focusing on the right things such as having fun and being strong to reach my goals.

Each Friday I'll give a heads up on my progress. Join with me and let's go all out and Get Our Bodies Back! 


  1. Oh, Alicia, you are totally amazing. You are very persevering and never, ever give up. Okay, I'll keep trying hard this week, too. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Looking forward to hearing how your week goes.


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