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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mastering the Art of Going with the Flow to Manifest Your Desires

When you go with the flow of the Spirit, things happen, miracles occur. You become untangled from stress, frustration and you are free and open to what the Spirit has to offer.

In this state of being and relaxation, the synchronicity of life occurs. Things begin to fall into place, your desires are satisfied and you can marvel at how everything has come together so easily and effortlessly without you having to force, push or 'make it happen'.

When you let go and flow with the Spirit, the problem you've been trying to resolve for the longest time simply unfolds the solution and you wonder, "Why hadn't I thought of that before?"

Sometimes we become so caught up with life's schedules/ the rigidity of our schedules, we miss what the Spirit has to offer.

Practice the art of going with the flow so you can master it and live in a more relaxed state of mind.

I am open to what the Spirit has to offer today.
All good is here now and everything is unfolding itself right now for my ultimate good.
I am abundant now. Abundant life-energy is now flowing in and through me and manifesting itself in all of my physical circumstances in the form of joy, peace, prosperity, happiness and above all, a satisfied life.
I am complete. I am whole.

Tomorrow we'll look at a live example of 'Going with the Flow to Manifest Your Desires'.

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