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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Focus On The Joy Within to Overcome Struggles

Joy gives strength in spite of what your external circumstances may indicate. Think about what you're going through right now and then become conscious of what you're thinking about in relation to your circumstances. Is it positive or is it draining your life energy? Are you filled with joy or stress? 

Here are 4 action steps you can use right now to focus on the joy within to overcome whatever struggle you're facing today.

Action Step #1 - Go from the head to the heart

What's your usual pattern when you're faced with an adverse situation? Do you think about the problem so much that your head hurts? Do you over-analyze until you feel drained? Think about your mental habit when dealing with your situation then go from the head to the heart. Release your mind from the mental turbulence and look within to your heart to the place of joy.

Action Step #2 - Feel the joy within

Consciously allow yourself to feel the joy within. Thinking about it is part of it but it's more of a feeling thing. As you feel the joy focus your concentration on this feeling energy and allow your mind to become free from mental entanglement.

Action Step #3 - Remain in the energy of joy 

Let this joyous vibration remain in you as you go about your day and work through the process of resolution of your circumstances. As you feel the energy of frustration begin to overcome you again, shift your thoughts and emotions to the joy within.

Action Step #4 - Fuel that joy

Joy comes from the Spirit of Unconditional Love. Let the love of the Great Universal Spirit beam through your heart and continue to fuel the joy that's within. Remember the first time you've been in love how you felt full of joy? Unconditional Love continues to flow in abounding measure each moment of the day. Tap into and bask in love's rays and fuel the joy that lies within.

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