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Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Laying the Foundation

After you've made the decision to get your body back to the size you desire you've got to lay the foundation in place. You never begin to build a house without a plan and after the plan has been made you need to lay a solid foundation which you will build on. 

So how do you lay the foundation for your weight loss?

Foundation #1 - Decide your goal?

A builder has a design in mind before he begins to build a house and the blue print is the tangible expressive path to creating that design into physical manifestation. The builder can remove any kinks in his/her plans before actual building.

So when you set down to decide how much weight, fat, you want to get rid of, you need to also draft out your action plan to reaching your goal i.e. how much is your ideal weight goal and size, when you want to get there by etc.

Foundation #2 - Break down your action plan

Now you need to break down your action plans into smaller bite size; how much you plan to lose off each month, each week, each day and what work out you will do to achieve your goal - weight training, walking, jogging etc. 

Now something I have to share here from my personal experience, I go by my clothes size. I've used the scale at other times but I find that it tends to be discouraging for me when I don't see the shift on the scale. Keep in mind that you may be building muscles and as a result you may not see so much of a shift in the scale initially. 

I let the way my clothes fit be my guide and also let my eyes tell me what I need to know. Pictures are also a good way to keep track of your progress, a month from now in the same outfit will give you a good clue.  

Foundation #3 - Chart/Review your progress

Set up a system in order to review your progress each day and each week. This way you can make the adjustments you need to keep on track. For example, what have you done today towards your goal? Did you stay with your plan, if not, why and what was the reason for not following through? You can catch a trend in things happening in your life and make plans to change them or work around them.

Go ahead and lay that foundation now. 

My weekly progress - I've laid the foundation for my progress this week. Have you ever had a weird workout schedule? When we went berry picking I waited with the baby while she slept and as Dad and kids picked berries, I thought, here's a chance to get my workout in as the radio blasted out the music up in the mountains. Great way to keep away wildlife and work up a sweat, using my body as my weights. 

How was your progress this week?

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