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Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Are You Confident In Your Own Skin?

Has your confidence been shaken because of being overweight? It's time to take control and regain your self-confidence where you are right now. 

For years I've been self-conscious because of my weight - you know, pulling my tummy in to make it look flatter, dressing in darker colours to hide the flaws. These in themselves are not all that bad and you should always try to look your best but for the right reasons and with the right mindset. 

Is your being overweight affecting your interaction with others? Are you afraid to be seen in public? Then your self-confidence has been shaken. I'm not saying that you should stay where you are at an unhealthy weight, not at all. You should always be working toward reaching your goal but accepting yourself as you are right now on your journey to your ideal weight can boost your health and energy level and keep you from falling into a depressive state because of being overweight. 

You can become comfortable in your own skin and loving every inch of you in the process. When you love someone don't you want to take care of them, do the best you can to help them and find a way to do so even if you don't see how right away?

The same mindset applies to your own body. You can comfortably love you; care enough to help your own body reach its ideal goal. Beating up on yourself is not being kind or loving and that behaviour is counter-productive to what you're trying to achieve. 

What can you do right now?

1) Come out of hiding

Appreciate who you are, not because of your weight, you are much more than that, but because of your connection to the All-in-all, the Great Universal Spirit. Why? Because when you get to your ideal weight there may be more physical flaws that you may encounter, what then?

2) Walk boldly

Lift your head up. You've nothing to be ashamed of. Square your shoulders back and walk boldly and confidently. The energy you give off transmits to others around you. Embrace the energy of joy, of acceptance of you and who you are and allow others to bask in the warmth of your positive vibes. 

3) Release your weight anxiety

Let go of the stress that comes with being overweight, the anxiety of wanting to lose weight - these are counter-productive. It is only when I shifted my attention from weight loss to having fun and being strong that I began to release the excess weight.

Find something in your workout on your journey that brings you great joy in this path and keep on in that direction. Keep enhancing the process as you go along and be comfortable in your own skin.


  1. Yes, Alicia! Yes! What a wonderful column. I could identify with its message so totally. We can lift up our chins and walk proudly, being aware of our accomplishments. It's all part of this body-changing journey. Thanks and have a terrific day! Susan

  2. You too Susan. No matter what our external conditions, we can walk confidently and boldly.


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