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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Real Example of Going With the Flow to Manifest Your Desires

Last week on our trip into the city, while we were parked in the parking lot, I observed behind the fence a tree laden with apricots. So I was talking with one of my daughters wondering how much the owners would charge for a bag of apricots. I didn't go ask them though. 

We left that area and took the children for a drive and on our journey we ended up at the local airport where we got to see a couple of small planes coming in. 

After we left the airport, we decided to drive some more before we headed back home. As we were driving on one of the local roads, we came to a roadside tree also laden with apricots. We were able to stop the vehicle and picked some to take with us. 

The desire to have apricots opened the door and manifested a way for us to enjoy them. We went with the flow; being open to what the Spirit had to offer. We didn't initially get the apricot from the first tree because we didn't know the owners. However, a way was provided for us to still enjoy apricots without having to intrude on someone else. 

When you become clear on what you desire to achieve in life, the possibilities to have that desire become reality are endless. Once you keep an open mind and are willing to go with the flow of the Spirit what you desire will manifest itself, the offer will present itself to you with ease. 

We were simply having a good time with our children and following where we felt prompted to go. It is in this willingness to do as we were instructed that our desire was satisfied. 

What is it do you desire? Become clear right now, let your imaginative skills go to work for you, envision your desire and allow your mind to be open to the direction the Spirit is taking you.

Tomorrow we'll look at another real example of 'Going With the Flow to Manifest Your Desires.'

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