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Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Can Focusing On Joy Really Help You Stay Healthy?

If stress and frustration adversely affect our health, think of what joy can do. We face many daily challenges but we can overcome them if we choose to take our focus off of the stress and place it on the joy that lies within.

How can joy help you stay healthy?

Regenerates every cell within our bodies

Joy puts you into a positive vibration and therefore invites the life-giving energy which regenerates every cell within our bodies. You feel more relaxed and in this calm state of mind resolution to every situation comes. 

Joy nourishes the body

Coupled with Unconditional Love, joy creates a barrier from the negative effects of adverse situations. Circumstances that would normally get you down you can approach from the heart of love and the strength of joy.

You're able to rest much better

When you're full of joy you're able to rest much better and being able to rest allows your body to rejuvenate giving you the extra boost you need to start each day with a fresh perspective. 

Fuelling joy within makes you feel satisfied 

When you're focused on illness or on being overweight or you're discontented with life there's that inner feeling of being dissatisfied. If you find yourself feeling hungry even after you've eaten, check your joy level. 

Have you connected with the joy within? Are you longing for something deeper that you're trying to fill with physical food? Sometimes we try to fill the inner void with food and by doing this we find that we continue into overeating. 

Each day fill up your joy tank by consciously connecting to and shifting your attention to feeling the joy within.

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