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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Empowered from Within - Focus On The Joy Within to Overcome Struggles

On this journey of life we face many different circumstances that can be quite challenging. If we're not careful these situations can sap us of our joy, leave us feeling drained and unmotivated each day. What's the solution? How do we rise up triumphantly over every situation we encounter? Focus on the joy within. 

Joy puts an extra pep in our step. It elevates from the energy of frustration and depression which can come with overwhelming issues in life. But if we look within to our inner being there's a place of quiet rest where we can retreat to, feel the negative energy from adversity fall off from our bodies and minds and regain strength to continue on, to face another day. 

Joy is powerful. It goes beyond happiness. Happiness is circumstantial; it relies on external things to fuel its survival. But joy goes deep within. Joy abounds even in the midst of adversity. Its energy comes from the Unlimited Supply of the Great Universal Spirit. It simply exists undisturbed by external circumstances. 

When you would normally feel sad or hurt over a situation, when you look beyond that incident toward joy within you'll find that the negative grip of your adverse encounter could easily fall off. 

And by focusing more on this joy within, your vibration changes - a song comes, a smile shines through your face and even if your condition does not immediately change, you can find the positive out of the negative. You can laugh again. But be careful though, your mind may want to pull you back into the negative energy. You may hear, "Why are you smiling? What's there to smile about? Are you crazy, shouldn't you be crying?" 

All these questioning come from the internal programming. But keep focus on the joy within and soon enough the questions will cease, the answers to your situation will come and you'll be free. Remember, your circumstance is temporary - this too will pass. 


  1. Oh, your column is soooo true, Alicia. Joy is within us. When difficult things happen, it's hard to focus on joy but that's what we have to do. Hope all is well and that you are all happy. Susan

  2. All is well Susan and hope all is well with you too. Yes, joy from the Spirit gives us strength.


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