Changing Inside Out Now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Changing Inside Out Now! Tending the garden of the heart. Day 4

How to develop a 'nutrient-enriched' heart - Part 2

Music is the melody of the soul. Music has a magical ability to touch us in places where words alone cannot reach.

Music can move us from one emotional stage to another. It has tremendous power engulfed in its rhythmic melody to move you from a position of stillness into its swaying beats. It speaks to us on a level that's deeper than our conscious mind. Its influence and impact on our lives is quite evident within our society.

From infancy to the elderly, music speaks the language of every age and grabs your attention.

What better way to use music to influence the richness of your heart's soil. Churches use it as a form of worship. Kindergarten teachers use it as a tool to engage young children into the class's lesson. Musicians use it to entertain and restaurants use it to set the mood and soothe their customers.

When you use music to transform your life, it can break through barriers and down wall in your heart allowing you to become supple and pliable to receive 'Vitamins and Minerals' so needed to enrich your soul.

Encourage good quality music in your daily life. The melody with lyrics will inspire you and lift you to a higher plain than where you are now.

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