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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evaluating your progress - Part 2

Getting my body back - Day 35

Plan ahead

With all the other responsibilities you have to pay attention to, life could become a bit hectic at times. When your schedule is packed, you may tend to neglect some of the essential steps required to gain the results you're looking for.

Last week, I've been busy working, and found myself munching here and there on cookies. Now, I know myself, once I start, a little at a time, if I don't put myself in check, a little at a time could turn into a lot at a time. Recognizing your weakness is the first step to creating change.

What do I do, then?

Instead of waiting for when I'm hungry to prepare something to eat, I've set up some new strategies to follow:

1) Make sure I've made a salad early in the day so I could just grab it out of the fridge. If I don't have the time to stop what I'm doing to prepare something, I've already taken the time, when I was not busy, to prepare for that moment.

2) Make sure I have other easy nutritious choices available at my finger tips, like an apple or peeled carrots.

Whatever weaknesses you've uncovered in your evaluation process, make plans to address them. Stop them right in their tracks before things get out of hand.

Fuelling words: I fuel my body with nutritional food giving me the extra energy I need and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Routine: Warm-ups, stretches, aerobics, toning and strength exercises, cool down.

Visualization - keeping focus on my goal; healthy, strong and my ideal body weight and shape.

Deep breathing - relaxes the muscles and sends oxygen to the muscles where exercising alone would not reach.

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